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2 thoughts on “FAQs and contact

  1. Carol Evelin

    Your info on the Exit tax needs clarification. At the moment the exemption reads as follows:

    “There is only one exception for adults. If you received citizenship of both the U.S. and some other country at birth, if you continue to hold the citizenship of that country, if you are taxed as a resident of that country, AND if you have been a resident of the U.S. for no more than 10 of the 15 years prior to renouncing U.S. citizenship, you’re exempted from the exit tax provision. (A minor who relinquishes U.S. citizenship before age 18.5 and did not reside in the U.S. for more than 10 years is also exempted).”

    It needs to clarify that this exemption only applies if you are tax compliant as stated in the IRS’s 8854 instruction sheet:

    “Covered expatriate. You are a covered expatriate if at least one of the statements in paragraphs (1), (2), or (3), set out above (under Who Must File) applies.
    Exception for dual-citizens and certain minors.
    Dual-citizens and certain minors (defined next) will not be treated as covered expatriates (and therefore will not be subject to the expatriation tax) solely because one or both of the statements in paragraph (1) or (2) above (under Who Must File) applies. However, these individuals will still be treated as covered expatriates unless they file Form 8854 and certify that they have complied with all federal tax obligations for the 5 tax years preceding the date of expatriation as required in paragraph (3) above (under Who Must File).”

    At the moment your exemption info is confusing. I, and others, have taken it to mean that if we meet the exemption requirements we don’t have to be tax compliant as well. I discovered I was wrong last year when chatting with people at IBS and another poster has made the same mistake again today after looking at your site.

    I know when Renunication Guide was originally written most people thinking about renouncing were probably already tax compliant, but as more and more accidental Americans find out about FATCA and the problems it’s going to cause them they’ll be looking for accurate info on this and will be making the same wrong assumption. Could you please make it clearer that the exemption only applies if you don’t meet points 1) and 2) and that you’re tax compliant?

  2. Jak Dac

    concerted effort (include the one million American Canadians at http://isaacbrocksociety.ca/

    Jak Dac
    10:33 AM (14 minutes ago)

    to Niels, American ACA AMCHAM
    Perhaps a concerted effort on all associated forums collectively written with input from followers of all forums may meet the threshold limit and be good piecemeal for vast media coverage. Focusing on “It is unfair and out-of-step with the rest of the world to tax your citizens”


    “The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) has given the US government the incredibly pervasive new power to compel foreign governments to report on the assets of Americans anywhere in the world. “It is unfair and out-of-step with the rest of the world to tax your citizens like this. Put an end to taxation of Americans abroad so we don’t have to continue renouncing your citizenship for the financial good of our families.”

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